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Pinochle Card Decks

Deck to print, with back

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Deck Instructions:

Get the DECK:

Download and print the three panels with card images on letter size sheets of thin cardboard (landscape format).

Then turn each sheet over and print the back of the cards onto each one. They have been designed to fit each other so you don't have to print separately and glue.

To keep the cards from scratches or getting dirty or sweaty fingers on the images, rub a bit of white candle on the whole sheet before cutting and scrape off excess wax with the flat edge of a ruler. That is quite messy but it protects the cards from moisture and dirt.

To get the shine back from the wax, gently rub with a tissue paper.

Once both sides of each card has been printed and protected, cut them out with scissors or blade, following the thin black line around each of them. The rounded corners are made for easier manipulation of the cards while playing, as for regular store-bought cards.

Give away or store the DECK:

Put a large flat rubber band to hold the cards together then wrap them up or put in a little box.

You can make a great gift for any occasion: Christmas, Birthdays or any special event. It can also serve to spark interest in the Series.

Box instructions:

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Print the box.

Run the tip of scissors on all inner lines, tabs included (pink lines in the example - those lines don't show on the real page - draw them with pencil and ruler if need be).

Cut around sides and tabs (blue lines).

Fold tabs inwards, on those weakened lines (pink in example).

Put a drop of white glue on small tabs, a thin line of glue on long tabs and NONE on upper tab (opening side of the box).

Form box and hold tabs in place for 30 secs.

Once the box holds together by itself, wait 30 mins. before inserting deck, so the newly glued tabs won't be stretched out of place and the corners will stay neat.

Close upper tab.

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