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The whole site has been remodeled from scratch, twice, and updated regularly.
No more flash or dance, but if you want a little song, simply hum "Dream a little dream... "

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   If you're wondering why a Farscape website has a YELLOWISH background, here's the facts:

   When I first took over, it was in SPACE BLUE... well, more like Medium Cadet Blue. Then it crashed and the only PHP already made Module Set I could work with was in yellow, and I'm positive, I tried them all!... So I modified the sad yellow background to a more subdued Dambada sandy plains look.

   I'm the only one (as far as I know) farhbot enough to put a Farscape website in YELLOW! (nothing like the usual PK Red or Space Blue) and, for the moment... I'm sticking with it.

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